Soft Play at Krazy Kids is charged depending on the age of the child.

Adults and Small Babies (non-crawlers) are of course FREE!!

Entry Prices allow customers to enjoy the full Krazy Kids Experience for as long as you want (A 2 hour time restriction

will be applied during busy times, but we are insured to accommodate upto 100 children!!).



Mon-Sun                                                         First Child                   Additional Children

BABIES (Crawlers) Age Under 1                    £2.00                           £2.00

Kids Age 1 – 4                                                £3.50                           £3.50

Kids Age 5 upwards                                        £4.00                           £4.00

ADULTS & Babies (Non-Crawlers)                 FREE                          FREE


Toddler Time (Mon & Thurs)**                        £2.50                           £1.50

(Inc. Free Juice, Fruit & Toast)

Childminder / Foster Carers Discounts **        £2.50                           £2.00

(Proof Required)


**Term Time Only